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Elinor Cohen - Marketing Coach & Strategist of Just Me Company


Where Does A Business Begin Devising A Smart Online Marketing Strategy?

You are focusing on the business of YOU and rightly so! There is so much information to digest and so many small tasks get piled on the to-do list. It is easy to overlook the marketing aspect of the business, and to feel like it is just MORE INFORMATION and a logistical burden. But how will your customers find you? Breathe. It is simpler than you think. Your customers are searching for you online – I can help you show up!

We only need 2 things to start:

Google Analytics

Easy, Peasy!

Manifesting and Growing the Business of YOU Online

From Zero
To Hero

Take your business to the next level, by learning how to optimize your site for search engines and people! Your next customer is out there searching for your brand and your solution.  We will start by learning SEO and business analytics.  Let’s get your business to show up so you can start acquiring new customers!

From Hero
To Superhero

Take your business a step further by implementing the necessary infrastructure to scale. We will define your business metrics, set the benchmarks, map out your sales funnel and let the numbers tell the story about the business of YOU. Let’s create a long-term strategy so that you can grow your business sustainably.

Story Behind
the Numbers

Your business analytics keep you honest. Why? Because they tell you exactly which investments are profitable.  Every business owner needs to define benchmarks and numerical goals in order to grow.   Let’s dig into your numbers and define your benchmarks – What story will be told about the business of YOU?

Pick My

I will let you ask me any question regarding your online marketing, analytics, customer acquisition, marketing channels, paid advertising campaigns, emailing marketing, technology or anything about your online business in general. Let’s start a conversation to help you gain clarity about the business of YOU!

Check out how my clients are manifesting their businesses Online!
Here’s what people are saying about me.

Melissa Llarena

“Elinor helped me a) regain control of my google analytics, b) identify the keywords to inform my blogs which led to my major Forbes blog win with over 500K viewers to date, c) restructure my blog articles, d) set my SEO/digital strategy, e) push me to test and learn website updates, d) increase my overall IQ when it comes to leveraging the power of insights that all things digital enable.”

Melissa LlarenaCareer Outcomes Matter
Emma Ward Essex

“I would recommend Elinor to anyone in need of website analysis, an SEO review, likes prompt turnaround, excellent service and to deal with a professional who communicates on a level that non-website professionals can understand.”

Emma Ward EssexPet Care
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