Your Circumstance is a Reflection of your Inner World. Find Yourself and the Marketing will Follow.


You have all the Answers Inside of you . You are your own Guru.

You may  be feeling like you are spinning your wheels, but you have that burning sensation to make a greater impact in this lifetime.

Yet, something feels off.

You have a gift, or many gifts, but you do not know how to articulate what it is you do or the type of human you want to serve.

You are so dedicated to what you have already created in your life and business – income, loyal clients a reputation.  People seek you out for your expertise.

You are working many hours, trying different things – you are want a change  – more business growth, more clients, more revenue, more reach.

The results stay the same, despite the new changes you are trying to implement.  You keep trying, but keep getting the same results.

You daydream of a different kind of routine, a different feeling all together, because something just doesn’t feel aligned.

Your partner chimes in, every now and again, “When are you going to start earning? “


You are thinking of giving up, because you are not seeing the result you expected.  You have high expectations from yourself, but maybe these expectations are unrealistic?

You are not alone.  Most of us do not have the real focus and insight as to how our mind governs our actions.  Our mind generates our thoughts and we identify with these thoughts so deeply.  Our thoughts dictate our action.

Business Growth is an Inside Game 

Before engaging in business strategy, you have to do the inner work and  cultivate a calm, focused mind

My clients most often dismiss the fact that they have a million, daily distractions, and these take away their focus. A change in a business, requires a specific kind of focus. That kind of focus is unique to each individual.

What if I told you that not all things are linear and that sometimes you do not see all that is available to you, because you assume you can only access growth by focusing on external things?

What if you could change your business, create different income streams in ways that will feel inspiring to you, and will not deplete your energy?

By shifting your thoughts and cultivating focus, you will change the way you PHYSICALLY feel 


You will end up happier, more impactful with more income!

Find out how I can extract the piece that is holding you back from making that dreamy change in your business.

Check out how my clients are changing their businesses and taking inspired action!
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Talyah Donker

Elinor is a highly energetic, vibrant and inviting woman. She communicates in a clear, powerful and direct way and truly has the gift of going beyond.

Talyah DonkerAdvocate of Wellness & Communication to bring out your Inner PeaceRead More
Tracey Swainson

Within 90 minutes I went from no clue how to get the word out about my business, to having multiple action steps in place

Tracey SwainsonEnergy Shaker, Reiki PractitionerRead More

“Let’s figure out how you can spread your GURU-ness and earn more from your business”

Elinor Cohen
Intuitive Life & Business Strategist

Elinor Cohen - Marketing Coach and Strategist
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