Starting a business is exciting. So. Many. Possibilities. Everyone has their own personal ‘why’  — family, more freedom, to travel more, or to be able to take more yoga classes. Either way, entrepreneurship offers a lot more than the 9 to 5 grind.

The best thing about  starting your own business, is that you have the ability to craft your own lifestyle. Want to be home more for your family? You can be. Want to travel to another country for an extended period? You can. Want to to learn how to do handstands in a daytime class? You can.

To help you decide whether you should ditch the 9-5 grind, , I asked 55 experts like Ramit Sethi, Marie Forleo, and Kimra Luna  to share their wisdom. They have some great advice about mindset shifts to actionable plans. If a certain quote resonates with you, be sure to tweet it out.

Marie Forleo 

‪Bonnie Gillespie 

‪Karina Mullen Branson 

‪Courtney Bowden 

Danielle LaPorte 

‪Kai-Ashley Clifford 

‪Carly Ringer 

Ramit Sethi 

Anna Coy 

Ni‪chole Sylvester 

‪Kim Julen 

Taylor Manning 

‪Nicte Cuevas 

Emma Combes 

Derek Halpern 

Stephanie Henson 

‪Christopher Lawrence Llewellyn Fleming 

Thea Orozco 

‪Brandyn Coe Randolph 

Nick Joannidis 

Mihai Alexandru Herman 

Dominique Valcourt-Gast 

‪Kimra Luna 

Valerie Baker 

‪Wendy Reese 

Jenny Shih 

Ulla Gaudin 

Tony D’Angelo 

‪Naiana Miranda 

Alexa Williams Meisler 

Melissa Llarena Diaz 

Natalie Rose Williams 

Nicole Vahlkamp 

Thomas Parsons

Kate Doster 

‪Sarah Mueller 

‪Sahar Gosain 

‪Julia Hook 

‪Lisa Murray 

‪Deborah Lange 

‪Tony Mariotti 

‪Ryan Stewart

Lisa Rehurek 

Katie Ashley 

Jess Bahr

Sarah Masci 

‪Sara Bender 

Chana Rae 

‪Kathy Nolan Butler 

‪Meka Sherisse West 

‪Elaina Veveakis Narvaez 

Casey Lightbody 

‪JessicaLynn Starling 

‪AnYes Van Rhijn 

‪Andrea Anderson 

‪Amanda Thomason 

‪Donna Brown 

Debbie Platt Janoff 

Katie Daniels Dunne 

‪Kristen J. Bates

Gena Shingle Jaffe 

‪Katy Saer Liv Shanti 

Lindsey Germono Glodt 

‪Gemma Stow 

Tamara Paterson 

‪Denise DT 

Tammy Guest 

Laura Ciel 

‪Hanna Saar 

‪Crystal Curran 

‪Rosalind Smith 

Joanna Hunter 

Amber Annette 

Kim Bowen Bliss 

‪Yogi Tish 

‪Monica Rivera 

Kate Crocco 

Stacey Olson 

Corina Ferreyra 

Lydia Romero-Johnson 

Alicia Ying 


‪Alyssa Ostrander 

‪Kim Vertigo 

‪Amanda LeBlanc 

‪Simone Choy 

Stacy Flannery 

Lauren Roerick 

Anne Moutray Arndt 

‪Laura Clifton Poindexter 

‪Tracy Braime 

Vanessa Corazon 

‪Chizzy Igbokwe 

Danielle Miller 

‪Britney Gardner 

‪Nancy Greco 

Lisa Schmidt 

‪Bridget Irby 

Magaly LaMadrid