I love this saying.  This is the essence and the core of it all for me.  I learned that when I create space for something, I achieve it.  What does creating space for something mean?

  • If you want a situation to change in your life, write about it –> that is giving the situation a life force for change.
  • If you want to be more creative in your business, create a scheduled time in your calendar when you are ONLY generating new ideas –> that is giving creativity space to grow.
  • If you are feeling like you are out of control with your eating habits, track them for 10 days –> that is giving it space for control.
  • If you are feeling like your relationship is stuck –> put a date down on the calendar, where you will spend time alone with each other weekly and connect more deeply –> that is giving your relationship space to develop.
  • If you are feeling like you are losing control in your finances –> look at your bank accounts every day for 5 minutes –> this is giving yourself the time and space to get control back on your financial situation.

This is all about your energy and how you use it to achieve what you want in life.  I was recently published in Best Self Magazine with this exact topic.





Yesterday I was chatting with a friend / colleague about our previous lives in the corporate world. We are both super sensitive humans, and so we were talking about how the environments in which we worked brought out our most stressed out, competitive, non-collaborate, mean selves. We talked about how we were intimidated (and how we still are) about going back to that place and interacting with executives who enable and promote this overly competitive nature within teams. We both had experiences where our managers led by example of working hard, being hard on themselves and everyone else, yelling, stressing, back stabbing and promoting an environment where everyone should just worry about advancing their self-interest. We are both very collaborative in nature and I personally, LOVE IT when someone I know succeeds – it truly makes me happy. I wasn’t always so loving about this, though, and I thought that the corporate world was not for me because of what it brought out in me. I have to say that if I went back to being an employee somewhere today, I would be a completely different person. That is only because I looked very deeply within and when you look deeply within you find a lot of shit. When you start shedding off a million +1 layers of yourself, you will note that everything seems to collapse – all the ‘structures’ that attach you to this life (friends, family, work, routines) will shift and be different..because you will be different…and this will make you feel ‘off center’ – kind of how I felt when I worked in my last corporate role – I felt like I was not me when things would get intense and I couldn’t get a grip on how to get back to myself..focused, calm, aware….and I wish that back then, someone would have taught me how to get grounded. So, my friends, what I want to say today is..if you feel off center and want to get grounded –
Lay there and be close to the earth – this is not some BS spiritual thing – this will actually help you and shift your mood…do this consistently for 5-10 minutes a day and you will feel more centered and focused – I promise! This is how I started my morning..on the ground.
Try it and see how you will feel after a week.
Do you  have a story of how you felt off center and gotten back into the zone? How do you ground yourself? Share in the comments below!