Hi There! I’m Elinor!

I write all sorts of things, mostly for the purpose of self expression and getting my voice out into the world… but for the past 6 years, my voice and words have mostly been found in my clients’ email sequences, sales page, workshop content, video scripts, books and speaking engagements.

I am a champion of direct communication and being your own best marketer.
Direct communication as in, “no thank you, that is not going to work for me” versus speaking to someone telepathically and then disappearing on them.
I also love connecting with people on a deep level, having meaningful, spiritual conversations and focusing on positive thinking.

I am a DEEP FEELER. I have a wide spectrum of emotions and when I express them, they are way below the surface of angry, happy and sad.

My mind is super organized and this is evidenced in the way I write, speak and by the design of my house – minimal and aesthetically pleasing – some people step into my house and call it ‘Zen’.

For a long time I was confused by the energetic woes of being such a deeply feeling human, because I have such a linear and logical side to me.

Until one day, I decided to accept my non-linear thinking.  I decided to embrace the fact that I will never do things that are seeming ‘normal’ to others.

I am an advocate of self prescription – nobody can really tell me what is best for me.

Personal development stuff

Every day, I dive deeply into my journaling practice.  There, I reveal all the blocks, all the opportunities and all the inner wisdom I have in that moment.  When I journal I feel resolved to advocate for whatever it is that comes up for me in the moment.  In the moment, I have a knowing that I need to share.
In that moment my leadership emerges.  I feel confident and full of fire to help others find their own inner wisdom.

But I wasn’t always like this
I felt a calling to break apart my life and rebuild it after I got divorce. I suddenly found myself as a single parent, raising a 2-year old, not knowing how I was going to do it alone.  I was physically and emotionally torn to shreds and I remember laying in bed one night crying and praying for the universe to give me strength.
I was WEAK.
I had never considered doing things for myself, I had always hidden behind other people and their needs.
I never gave thought to what I want in life, it was easier to want what someone else has.
And so… my journey into honoring myself and finding my inner compass began.

I know this is how I can help you too!

Personal Stuff

I love being a mom to my beautiful red-head daughter – she is the wiser, and I believe an old soul.  She help me reach my highest self, just by being in my presence.
I also love running, skiing and teaching yoga and meditation for fun.  I believe everyone in this world needs to tune into their bodies, and learn its wisdom, cultivate alot of love within themselves so that they can be kind and loving towards others.
I run a women’s circle at my house every day, because I believe connection and community is a MUST for us women.  In this world, in this lifetime, women need to find a container of support that will help them honor who they are meant to be in this lifetime.
Many women I know never get to think about themselves for more than 2 minutes a day!
To be SEEN is just so healing!

I am a master chef in my own kitchen, as it is yet another corner where I get to create and feed! I love feeding.
When I was young I played the piano, and it is something I regret giving up more than any other activity during childhood.

I believe that you have a unique voice inside of you, that is meant to be expressed.  The fact that you are alive on planet earth is the proof.
There is no one prescription that is meant to be followed – you need to find your own way.. and you CAN!


If you want to read some of my published work, you can find it here:

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If you want to know more about finding your voice and getting out into the world in a way that will get people to listen, schedule a call with me!

Elinor Cohen
Marketing & Communications Expert

Elinor Cohen - Marketing Coach and Strategist

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