Hi there, I’m Elinor!

I believe you can build your brand by aligning your company’s values with your customers’ needs.

For the past 15+ years I’ve been working with small-mid size businesses on building their brands and creating a loyal customer base through every single marketing channel possible (except Tik Tok – it’s not easy to convince people to dance and point at words on video)

And lot through personalized outreach. (Have you ever felt stuck not knowing what to say, how to sell your services through email or on autopilot? call me…)

I’ve successfully ….
– Managed online advertising campaigns with a budget of $2 Million +
 – Built SEO campaigns that have generated millions of dollars for some of my clients
– Built niche audiences that have generated $100K +
– Worked with some of the top digital marketing agencies
– Managed teams of outsourced employees, both locally and abroad
– written pages and pages and endless pages of copy – sales pages, email sequences, client communications, slide decks.
– Built automated workflows that have activated brands and increased sales by over 100%!

But what I’m most proud of is….

Helping my clients build their personal brands and giving them confidence in running a business that generates sales – with a model that makes sense for their business and industry.

I’m a teacher at heart and a monster organizer, so when you work with me I’ll make sure you’ll understand your next best step and HOW to execute it impeccably to reach your goals.

(When you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail…where have I head this before….?)

Also, I love cooking, so if we work together, expect our conversations to be filled with flavor! (I’ll probably share some secret recipes too).

Thank you for Visiting My Corner of the Internet!

If you want to know more about building your brand and finding the right business model for you, schedule a call with me!

Elinor Cohen
Marketing & Communications Expert

Elinor Cohen - Marketing Coach and Strategist

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