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Do you feel like your marketing is messy and all over the place? Here’s why and how to change it part 2.

“I don’t know what to say and how to say it”, is a popular self-myth among consultants who want to have consistent communication with their audience online. The problem is NOT ‘knowing’ what to say, it’s simply being CLEAR with your message. There’s a distinction here. Clients come to me often and have disparate ‘knowings’ […]

Well, that launch went well. (It did not.)

A few years ago I consulted to a small music tech startup that was launching a wireless guitar accessory that modified the sound of electric guitars. The product was very innovative, and the company had raised money to launch it. As is often the case with tech startups, the founders were two very tech-y engineers […]

Thank you for not giving up on me

Earlier this year, I launched a new workshop and emailed my list, existing clients and prospects about it several times during the week – automated + personal emails. Lots of emails landed in people’s inboxes. Fact: It takes ~ 5 emails for a potential customer to say Yes. On a coaching call that same week, […]

People are 🍌 and the Worst Criticism

“I LOVE criticism about my creative work” – said NO creative PERSON EVER! Actually, said no human ever.   People ask me often if I receive rude replies to my emails and how I handle criticism. Honestly, criticism has made me doubt myself often. Some people don’t love my words, and I’ve received some mean comments […]

I Need to Rebrand my Business + Build a New Website

On a recent call, I spoke with a G about her business. She doesn’t do one thing, and she isn’t one thing. She’s an artist, a tarot card reader and a nutritionist. She thought her business ‘required’ certain things to grow her client base. She said, “I want to rebrand + build a new website, […]

Adult Summer Camp

“Where are you heading?” asked the taxi driver. I was in York, UK, on my way to meet up with my hot British boyfriend (more on that later). “To York science park please,” I responded. “Are you on vacation?”, he asked.  I responded, “No, I’m on work-cation.” That’s been my usual joke every time I’ve […]

I’m such a mess

Before & after. Live on Instagram. So many squares of notable, linear transformations.  How do they get from B->A so quickly?  Am I doing something wrong? When I decide I want to change something in my life or business, it looks more like: Crying in the shower, asking ‘why me’. Feeling anxious, stressed, doubtful, unsure […]