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Your Focus will Fizzle

Do you ever feel like you’re all over the place in your business? Constantly switching from one idea to the next? One minute you’re working on a new program, the next you’re reaching out to leads on Instagram, seems like there’s no endgames in sight. I have a client who felt like this. M is […]

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

I love this saying.  This is the essence and the core of it all for me.  I learned that when I create space for something, I achieve it.  What does creating space for something mean? If you want a situation to change in your life, write about it –> that is giving the situation a […]

When the World Around you Collapses

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend / colleague about our previous lives in the corporate world. We are both super sensitive humans, and so we were talking about how the environments in which we worked brought out our most stressed out, competitive, non-collaborate, mean selves. We talked about how we were intimidated (and how […]