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People are bananas and the Worst Criticism

“I LOVE criticism about my creative work” – said NO creative PERSON EVER! Actually, said no human ever.   People ask me often if I receive rude replies to my emails and how I handle criticism. Honestly, criticism has made me doubt myself often. Some people don’t love my words, and I’ve received some mean comments […]

I Need to Rebrand my Business + Build a New Website

On a recent call, I spoke with a G about her business. She doesn’t do one thing, and she isn’t one thing. She’s an artist, a tarot card reader and a nutritionist. She thought her business ‘required’ certain things to grow her client base. She said, “I want to rebrand + build a new website, […]

Adult Summer Camp

“Where are you heading?” asked the taxi driver. I was in York, UK, on my way to meet up with my hot British boyfriend (more on that later). “To York science park please,” I responded. “Are you on vacation?”, he asked.  I responded, “No, I’m on work-cation.” That’s been my usual joke every time I’ve […]

I’m such a mess

Before & after. Live on Instagram. So many squares of notable, linear transformations.  How do they get from B->A so quickly?  Am I doing something wrong? When I decide I want to change something in my life or business, it looks more like: Crying in the shower, asking ‘why me’. Feeling anxious, stressed, doubtful, unsure […]

This one thing was life-changing and helped me focus

Over the last year, since the pandemic shut down the world, a deluge of overwhelming feelings and inability to focus have been my battleground. I noticed that I was being very reactive, constantly picking up my phone to see ‘what everyone is up to’ – signaled by a ‘ding’. I thought that if I was […]

At the Jersey Shore

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore?   Along the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, there’s a ginormous “Saltwater Taffy” sign.  You can see this sign from miles away. The shore and boardwalk mischief are part of our DNA as Jerzians, and I was always the sarcastic a$*h@le that would ask, “can anyone tell me where […]

don't eat so much

“You shouldn’t eat so much”, said my dad. If you know me, you know how much I love cooking and feeding. Food is a big part of my culture, and if you’re Israeli, you know, our fridge is never empty. Recently, I’ve been dealing with a health issue, making me nauseous and wired-tired most days. […]

what's everyone up to?

“I wonder what everyone is up to” is the harmless thought that enters my mind, right when I’m about to scroll through social media. Harmless scrolling, I just wanna see what’s out there. And After scrolling, do you find yourself having these thoughts? My email list doesn’t have enough subscribers. I was JUST thinking about […]

On one of my monthly Q&A calls, I chatted with L,  a pediatrician of  20+ years, who was in the middle of a pivot. She was starting a brand new company for first-time moms based on a proprietary process she’d created, and she was really excited and inspired to help new moms stop feeling overwhelmed. […]

When I tell people to share more of themselves publicly, I’m met with A LOT of resistance. Because they think I mean they should be on social media sharing every detail of their lives – like, “Hey, this is my lunch” or “Here I am at the dentist getting a root canal.” But what I […]

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