Adult Summer Camp

“Where are you heading?” asked the taxi driver.

I was in York, UK, on my way to meet up with my hot British boyfriend (more on that later).

“To York science park please,” I responded.

“Are you on vacation?”, he asked.  I responded, “No, I’m on work-cation.”

That’s been my usual joke every time I’ve since I’ve opened up my business.

I haven’t taken a REAL vacation, without my laptop and without thinking about work at all.

I’ve been thinking and worrying about work every single day these past 8 years.

And though I’ve been to beautiful places, my mind wasn’t ever at ease.

When I think of being ‘lazy’, I feel guilty – My mind tells me that in order to be effective and successful in life, I have to constantly be ‘on the move’. 

There’s no time to relax!

This behavior – no bueno.  And now, I’m paying for it with my health.

So, I’ve decided to take off in August – completely.  Except for meeting with my Messy Middle Mastermind ladies, I’m not going to do ANYTHING.

I’m not going to think about work at all, I’m not taking on new clients, and I’ve already declared it to the universe – she’s going to keep me accountable!

I’m only doing things that nourish my soul and feel fun!

So I’ve packed my bags, I’ve scheduled all content ahead of time (can’t leave you hanging without stories, rescheduled all meetings, declined giving presentations…

Guess where I’ll be going?? NOWHERE!  I’ll be right here, enjoying a month of “LAZE” with my little munchkin – that’s my version of summer camp!

If you’re looking for me, we’ll be at Legoland, riding our bikes along the Hudson River, camping in the Poconos and swimming at our town pool.  

How about you?  How will you spend August??

It’s never too late to make a list of things to do this summer.   I’ve made a list of all the things I want to eat, play and LOVE  in August, so that it feels extra relaxing and LAZY.


Here it is 👇🏼


1 – Culina Yogurt – this vegan yogurt is made of coconut cream and is by far the best one I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many).  I might even say this tastes better than regular yogurt.

I can only find it at Whole Foods.

2 – Cauliflower sandwich thins by Outer Aisle Gourmet – My nutritionist is encouraging me to load up on protein and fiber and these do the tricks.  Buh Bye bread, hello Cauliflower sandwich thins.

3 – The Pancake Factory – Please review the menu. Warning: browsing through the menu may make you gain 5 pounds. Enough said.


Good reads:

*-* Currently reading Cultish, which talks about linguistic patterns in cult-like brands.  I’ve been reading a lot about cults recently, because I’ve noticed that there are many ‘social media’ gurus who use language to build their brand and following, and as a source of influence.  I was creeped out recently by a coach I’ve been following, and then I noticed so many other people being cult-y – and then my friend, by chance, bought me this book – serendipity!  The universe wants me to know!

*-*Talking Shrimp newsletter by Laura Belgray a newsletter from a woman who writes for a living, and presents entrepreneurship and humanity in a way that makes you come back for more.



*-* Outlier Mom My dear friend Kim Ziellinski launched a new podcast called Outlier Mom – for women who love being moms, but also want to be so much more, to get more alone time, to balance their time away and time together, sans the guilt-  to ditch the ‘should’s’ and do life THEIR WAY.


Learning + Investing:

*-* Cryptocurrency – you’ve probably heard about Cryptocurrency by now, and if you haven’t, now is the best time to invest time in learning about it.  I want to earn more money and I figured – there must be a dozen ways to earn it, rather than just work for it (more “laze”, please).  I joined a mastermind led by my close friend Nicole Michal who teaches about trends, trading, investing in the cryptocurrency market.  This is the future of money, and I think it’s super important to get into a room with other women who are working on their financial savviness.  



*-* No list would be complete without listing at least one Netflix series.  I’m really into historical fiction and so my choice for the summer was The Last Kingdom – based on Bernard Cornwell‘s The Saxon Stories.  Set in 866, the story focuses on how one man (a Saxon raised by Vikings that invaded England) leads several battles and rallies for peace during a time of ongoing Viking incursions in the southern part of the country.  Of course, there’s violence, drama, sex + love – perfect for the summer!



I’m into light comfortable clothing this summer, non-fancy capsule wardrobe (that’s fancy for minimalist, lounging around the house and also wearing out).

*-* I love this dress!  I found it at Gap Factory and immediately bought 3!

*-* I love this jumpsuit – I dress it up and wear it out and I also sometimes practice yoga in it – so comfortable and made with high quality materials!


Fun in the Sun:

No links here, but here are things we’re going to do next month:

** Kayaking


**Treetop obstacle course

**Zip lining

**swimming in a lake



What are your plans for wrapping up the summer? Let me know below!

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