On one of my monthly Q&A calls, I chatted with L,  a pediatrician of  20+ years, who was in the middle of a pivot.

She was starting a brand new company for first-time moms based on a proprietary process she’d created, and she was really excited and inspired to help new moms stop feeling overwhelmed.

And she asked the classic question – How will I get clients?

And this reminded me about that time I signed up with a coach for a $3,000 program, because I thought she would reveal something earth shattering about ‘getting clients’.

This coach said, “my process of working social media took me from making $20K to $54K per month”.

“Here’s my Messiah!”, I thought.

I urgently wanted business therapy and someone to fix my stuckness, and so I didn’t ask the right questions – not of the coach and not of myself.

I just wanted clients. Obviously, she knew how to market herself like a pro.

I signed up for this program, and I realized pretty early that her process was very basic, the coaching was basic at best and her process wouldn’t ‘get me more clients’.

Womp womp 

But I was still struggling, because If I had what worked, I wouldn’t be stuck, right?

** How am I going to get more clients?

** What’s missing for me?

So what the F was actually missing? Nothing in excess of what I already had at that point.

1 – I wasn’t thinking about my work and experience in an empowering way – I just thought I was doing ‘one more thing’ that everyone else was doing.  I knew the value of my work logically, but I didn’t really ‘feel’ that value when I was putting myself out there.  I somehow forgot I had a big network, work experience, and that people were already paying me.

2 – I wasn’t directly asking for business.  I was making offers on “some” of my social media posts, but I wasn’t communicating how I fulfill a need and telling people I can help them in a direct manner.

3 – When social media didn’t ‘produce’ immediate results, I got mad and threw the laptop at the wall, and gave it up.  I called it social media trauma.

4 – I didn’t talk to enough people face to face.  I expected social media to do it for me.

5 – I didn’t focus on my clients and THEIR SUCCESSES – I didn’t celebrate that enough privately or publicly ( – – >> one of the best ways to get clients to come to you is to share success stories of your clients being the heroes).

I hope these will help you, so that you don’t end up wasting time and so much money like I did.

Nobody can do any of the above for you.

It’s much easier to think we need to find some ‘trick’ to ‘get more clients’, but my lessons were clear and I assured L she’s not starting from scratch.

She needed a reminder and she needed to use her voice.

Why do we think we’re starting from scratch? It’s common when we start new ventures.  We forget about all the things we accomplished in the past, and we definitely don’t remind ourselves of what we learned so that we can apply it to the next thing.

Here’s what I told her (and what I would tell you if you came to me with the same question):

“It might be simpler than you think.  Make a list of what you already have, the people you know, your skills and experiences, use your voice to talk to people about what you do, and talk about it knowing that it’s valuable and needed.  Ground in this and remind yourself that you have a unique way of delivering your product  / service.  You’re not starting from scratch, you have a big network full of people who love and trust you with their kids.  Go out there, talk to people, before you sign up to any program.  After you’ve done this, let’s talk again and assess what happened together.”

Please, don’t sign up to any program, without first understanding WHY you’re signing up.  

My big lesson was: Nobody can reveal things about social media that you can’t read online by yourself, and nobody can talk about your business for you, nobody will promote you like you can!

Use your voice.  I believe in you!


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