People are bananas and the Worst Criticism

“I LOVE criticism about my creative work” – said NO creative PERSON EVER!

Actually, said no human ever.  

People ask me often if I receive rude replies to my emails and how I handle criticism.

Honestly, criticism has made me doubt myself often.

Some people don’t love my words, and I’ve received some mean comments and responses to my emails and other content.

Seems like the more content I put out there, in any shape and form, the more criticism I receive.

Sometimes I receive responses full of rage.  

Not only do people unsubscribe from my list, but I’ve been reported as a ‘spammer’, I’ve been told my emails are stupid and crappy, some emails have included a subtle ‘F*@$ you’.

Some of these unexpected emotional reactions came from content I write on behalf of my clients, from THEIR audience, and then my clients forward these responses to me. Ouch.

I used to take this personally and get really upset – I’d put my work on a long ass pause, and in some cases I’ve turned down clients because I thought my writing wouldn’t be good enough.

I’ve thought alot about this and at some point concluded, “Maybe there’s good information here, maybe I can learn from this?”

After a while, I realized, “NAH…. if someone is going to throw an adult temper tantrum at an innocent newsletter, then it has nothing to do with me or the quality of my writing.”

I think many people are going through some sensitive times right now, no use letting someone’s shit fit dictate whether your work will be seen or not.

Your words are important.

Oh and then also, I save these fun criticisms in a folder I call “people are 🍌”, to remind myself that it’s not about me, but just a hand of bananas  – and also they make great content!

People are bananas and the Worst Criticism

Keep sharing your voice!

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