The one thing I wish I’d known to create the RIGHT kind of Content

This week in my Messy Middle Mastermind, we spoke about (surprise, surprise) marketing on social media.  

I’m talking about organic marketing – creating and publishing content that promotes your brand and your products/services.

So, back in my mastermind, there were 2 ‘thought’ camps about posting for the purpose of marketing:

1 – My content isn’t as good as ‘theirs’ 

2 – I don’t want to sound like that person I always see marketing their business, they look so unprofessional.

Both feel like..”I’m going to be judged, mocked, criticized”

These thoughts are exactly why my clients were not marketing their businesses.  It’s not because they have to improve their content.

How do these thoughts creep into your head?

  • Scrolling alot and not realizing you’re taking in information and it’s staying in your awareness
  • Not writing or creating enough or giving credit to your creative genius
  • Did I say too much scrolling?
  • Maybe you’re friending too many people in your industry and it’s just bringing you down.

Social media fills our heads with too much noise of ‘having to be a certain way’, which isn’t the truth.

I wish someone would have given me this insight when I started. I was stuck on “what should I post, I don’t know what to say” because I thought any content I’d write would be lame.

And maybe someone out there thinks it is. To that I’d say: 🖕🏼🖕🏼

If you want to market your businesses consistently, but are having a difficult time doing it, I want to reassure you that:

NO MATTER WHAT YOU POST for the purposes of MARKETING your business, it’s better than NOT POSTING AT ALL.  Whatever you put out there is good enough.

As time goes on, you’ll tweak it, improve it and create it more quickly.

I say start messy, don’t worry about getting it ‘right’.

Like anything, practice makes perfect.

I’d love to know your thoughts.


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