What are you selling?

“I do so many things, I don’t know how to clearly explain what I do.  I feel like when I tell people about it, I lose their attention – maybe I’m too vague?”

Because we ALWAYS help our clients with more than one thing, clarifying your offer’s message can be confusing, which creates doubt in what you want to say, which might stop you from creating any content.

Being clear on your service and the OUTCOME of it for your clients, plays a big part in marketing consistency and with quality lead generation.

Get clear by breaking it down into tiny chunks that make it more digestible for your audience.

When I work with my clients, we dive deep into the following 2 pieces in order to get to the heart of THEIR offer’s specificity:

1 – The situations that occur for their ideal client, before working with them

2 – The GENERAL + micro results their clients have AFTER working with them


What are your ideal clients-to-be experiencing, before they start working with you?

For example: 

  • Are they not getting speaking + consulting gigs?  Are they not getting promoted?
  • Do they want to start dating but don’t feel confident about their appearance, so they feel alone?
  • Are they missing their kids and can’t find work-life balance?

Understanding + articulating these situations in your content, will position you as an expert because you’d be citing specific examples of challenges you’ve helped solve.  

There’s always more than one person experiencing the same thing, and so when someone similar to your ideal client lands on your content, they’ll resonate and possibly contact you.  Someone similar to your ideal client could be a qualified lead, yes?


Ask yourself these questions:

1 – What is the GENERAL outcome your clients will have?

For example, is it a published book, a new wardrobe, better dates, a new body, a new job?

2 – What are the micro-outcomes they’ll have?

Micro outcomes are steps along the way that’ll bring them CLOSER to the general outcome.

A great way to explain these is to look at their situations (per examples above) and to illustrate how your offer will help solve them, step by step, until they reach the GENERAL outcome.

From the examples above:

  • For the person who’s not getting the speaking + consulting gigs  / a promotion : when they start working with you, they’ll get clearer on how to articulate their expertise, so when they start applying for gigs / promotions, they’ll receive a response, even when the book hasn’t been published yet.
  • For the person who wants to date, but doesn’t like their wardrobe: They’ll find clothes that fit them better, get compliments from some close friends, which will build up their confidence to create a profile on dating apps.
  • For the person who’s missing their kids, because they can’t find work-life balance: They’ll get honest about the kind of job that fits their lifestyle and learn to sell their experience and unique skill set – they’ll save time on the job hunt and get closer to finding their ‘balance’ more quickly.


Use this script:

If you’re ___________________{the situation}, it might be because you need  / you’re not_______{the general outcome).  


My client J (or some other initial) recently hired me because ____________________{her specific situation}.  When we started working together , she was ______________{situation} and _____________{situation} and  ____________{situation}.


Once we started _________________{what you did when you started working}, she was able to __________________{micro outcome 1} and then also ________________{micro outcome 1}.  When we completed our time together, she had far more than ________________{the general result}.


**If you want to date, but feel intimidated to start, it may be because your wardrobe needs a do-over.

**If you’ve applied for speaking gigs and not getting hired, it might be because you haven’t published a book.

**If you’re missing your kids while sitting at work every day, it might be time to look for a new job that supports your lifestyle.

This way, you’re taking them on a journey, showing them you’re the expert at taking them from where they are today to where they want to be.

Using my messaging process, my clients have started networking consistently, started podcasts, weekly Facebook live shows, IG story series, weekly newsletters and Youtube channels.  No matter the platform or the type of content, they’ve gotten super clear on how to talk about what they sell, and putting themselves out there has resulted in qualified leads and getting hired for 2 new projects per quarter.

And voila – consistency!

Clarifying your offer message is one of the things I address with my clients in my 6 Week 1:1 program that takes consultants who are already enrolling clients from referrals but want to create an organic marketing system to enroll clients from social media and Google. This is about 70% of what we work on.  We also work on how to spend less time creating content, how to qualify clients and tracking results.  This method will help you get at 2 pieces of high quality content published consistently per month, to start, without overthinking or doubting what you have to say.  This will result in getting hired more consistently.

Contact me if you’re interested in this program and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; if so, we can get you started within two weeks.

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