Recently, I spoke with a P, a nutritionist who is also a personal chef.

She was unsure about how she was going to tackle social media for her business.  She wanted to be more ‘active’ online, to share her 20+ experience with others and to fill up her calendar with more clients.

Also, she had an email list – an active audience with whom she was NOT communicating often.

She was irritated with herself, wondering why she just can’t be consistent in her marketing? 

Up until our call, she tried different things.  She downloaded some free guidebooks that told her how to come up with ideas for content, how to create a content calendar and how to write good subject lines.

Suddenly, her creative wheels started turning.  She felt inspired to write.  She remembered she had some important things to say!  She clarified her message (because she read my very detailed email about concise messaging 😉 ) and she mapped out some important topics that are industry-disrupting.


Then, she got down to business.  She wrote a few posts and posted on Instagram, and Facebook.   Then, she wrote an email and sent it to her list.


She received some responses, people said they enjoyed her email and 3 people scheduled a call to learn about how they could work together.


She thought, “this isn’t so bad!  I love writing anyway, I can do this.  I’m going to post and send an email 1X / week”.

And so she did, one week, then another, then another.  


2 of those people who got on a call with her turned to clients, so she got really busy.  She forgot about her promise to post and email every week.


The weeks flew by – she even took on another project, referred to her by a happy customer (she’s really good at helping women lose that extra 15 pounds).


Then, those 3 clients ended their time together and once again, she found herself feeling irritated at NOT having marketed her business for a few months.


“I keep having to ‘find’ clients whenever projects are over”, she said.


Have you experienced this vicious cycle?  You market your business and it works! You become so busy with work and clients, that you forget what will happen after the projects end.


I find that most professionals who have built a service business based on referrals, will want to figure out how to market their business and rely on themselves to bring in clients.


Why is that even important?

1 – You can control how you want to be perceived through the content that you share (which means that each lead will be more like your ideal client, closer to a sale)


2 – You get to be consistent, because you don’t know when someone will refer a customer to you.  When you are consistently marketing, you can make future projections and tweak as you’re executing (ie, how many leads, clients will I enroll as a result of this marketing campaign)


3 – You get to stop asking yourself, “where will I find clients now?”


So if P had an active audience that was waiting to hear from her, was inspired to write and create content, loved writing and wanted to publish her work more frequently – what was her next best step and the one missing piece?


***Creating a marketing plan***

Fact: Having a marketing communication plan and consistent execution in place, takes the pressure off of ‘getting clients’ during product launches, during seasonal lull’s and when client projects end.

This wasn’t complex, and If you’ve been reading my emails, you know I’m all about simplicity.

→ →I created a simple Google Doc  you can use, in order to map out your plan and be on your way to consistent marketing, so that you can stop worrying about ‘getting new clients’ when your current clients finish up a contract.

Using my planning process, my clients have started networking consistently, started podcasts, weekly Facebook live shows, IG story series, weekly newsletters and Youtube channels.  No matter the platform or the type of content, they’re marketing their businesses consistently, which has resulted in attracting qualified leads and getting hired for 2 new projects per quarter.  They’re using their plans to ensure that they have long term “marketing peace” so that they can focus on working with clients.


And voila – the consistency they were after comes to life!


Planning your marketing campaigns is one of the things I work through with my clients in my 6 Week 1:1 program that takes consultants who are already enrolling clients from referrals but want to create an organic marketing system to enroll clients from social media and Google.   We also work on how to spend less time creating content, how to qualify clients and tracking results.  This method will help you get at 2 pieces of high quality content out there consistently per month, to start, without overthinking or doubting what you have to say.  This will result in getting hired more consistently.


Contact me if you’re interested in this program and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; if so, we can start within two weeks.


Also, if you know someone who can use these instructional posts, please share them using the links below.  I promise, they will thank you 🙂

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