Do you ever feel like you’re all over the place in your business? Constantly switching from one idea to the next?

One minute you’re working on a new program, the next you’re reaching out to leads on Instagram, seems like there’s no endgames in sight.

I have a client who felt like this. M is an artist, a crafter, who was balancing private clients, an Etsy shop, DIY kits, jewelry parties, in-person workshops…while trying to figure out the best way to market her business.

She said, “I still don’t feel like what I’m doing is clear or creating results.  It feels messy.”

I don’t know if I should focus on social media, or should I focus on ads? Should I reach out to more bloggers? Should I create a Facebook group? 

How can I reach *more* people?”

“There’s no exact formula here”, I said, “but you can DO THESE 4 THINGS to find YOUR FORMULA”.

1 – Remember that even though it feels messy, there’s a point to all of this.  Accept the mess and just breathe into it, knowing that you will get clarity if you keep going.  There’s no exactness in timeline or action.  Your mind likes to conjure up confusion. Be aware of this.  Then, keep going or not – either way, you’re the boss, but you started this for a reason.

2 – Dismiss thoughts of what you should or shouldn’t do.  Be open to doing things you are judging right now (like sending a lot of emails and ‘bothering’ people, running your program even though only one person signed up).  No matter what, you’ll still have to test and try new things.

3 – If you feel scattered and don’t know what to focus on, focus on this: YOUR MISSION.  Why’d you start this in the first place and how can you tell more people about it.

When you reconnect with your mission, you remember your purpose, your cause, and why you started this journey.  Then you can choose to stay or go.

4 – What are you doing right now that’s working and that you’d be doing anyway? M loved creating crafts and showcasing them.  She’d be doing that no matter what – whether money was involved or whether her house burned down.  She wanted to create a crafting community, more than anything, and so her next best step was to create a Facebook Group.

So you see, your mind works in a very unique way – and it will inform your actions and inspire feelings of focus or lack of it.  The thing is, if you want to “figure out” how to make it work, you have to figure out how YOU work – as in, your own formula for things to feel like they’re steady.

If you want steadiness, there’s some steadiness that needs to happen inside your mind- less voices that say, “I should do this” and more voices that say, “I’m exactly where I need to be, what’s my next best step?


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